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Manufacturer: Ortec

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The next generation fully integrated High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) digital spectroscopy system that eliminates liquid nitrogen and is immune to thermal cycling.

  • Increases productivity and instrument uptime due to the fact that thermal cycling is never required on a partial warm up. The HPGe detector element is encapsulated in a metal sealed high reliability cryostat that does not contain molecular sieve.
  • Reduces cost and improves safety since liquid nitrogen is not required. The Stirling-cycle cooler keeps the detector at a stable cryogenic temperature.
  • Space saving integrated design eliminates desk mounted hardware and excessive cabling that frees up additional lab space.
  • Eases installation due to lightweight design of only 7.3 kg. The LDM-1 is ideal for confined spaces and mobile labs. It easily fits into standard existing lead shields and only requires a single USB cable to connect to the computer.
  • Low power consumption reduces operating costs. The LDM-1 is powered from a small 10–17 V DC supply that consumes less than 30 watts. This also makes mobile installations simple.
  • Continuous operation via redundant power options. The LDM-1 comes standard with an integrated battery that keeps the entire system operating and counting for up to 4 hours. Additionally, with the optional battery extender LDM-1-OPT-1, the system continues operating for 18 hours. The battery extender is also hot swappable so the system never stops counting.

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