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ULTRA AS - Ion-Implanted-Silicon Charged-Particle Detectors


Manufacturer: Ortec

Condition: New


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ULTRA ion-implanted-silicon detectors for alpha and beta spectroscopy are the most advanced charged-particle detectors ever produced.

Low-background ULTRA-AS detectors are made with special low-background materials and have an optimized depletion thickness to minimize background counts from cosmic rays.

  • The standard for charged-particle detector spectroscopy. 
  • Ultra-thin entrance contact for optimum energy resolution.
  • High geometric efficiency due to close detector-to-can spacing.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Gold-plated cans for contacts that last a lifetime.
  • Advanced surface passivation for total device stability.
  • ORTEC quality and reliability.
  • Bakeable up to 200°C (requires special order).


Model U-020-450-AS Specifications:

  • Active Area (mm2) - 450
  • Alpha Resolution (keV FWHm @5.486 MeV) - 20
  • 100 μm active depth to minimize cosmic background.

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