List of products by manufacturer Sun Nuclear

  • PerFRACTION automatically captures, analyzes, and processes per beam treatment delivery EPID data, according to methods and tolerances configured by the clinical team. Automated email alerts provide early warning of potential issues. With PerFRACTION it is now practical to ensure the quality and safety of every fraction, for every patient, every day.

  • Building upon the innovation and quality that you’ve come to trust and expect from Sun Nuclear, ImagePro was built from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive TG-142 solution that is fast, accurate, and easy to use. ImagePro software and phantoms address all the common TG-142 tasks.

  • ArcCHECK is the only true 4D array specifically designed for QA of today’s modern rotational deliveries. Independent absolute dose measurements enable the gold standard for stringent and efficient patient plan and machine QA testing.

  • 3DVH uses existing QA results to accurately estimate the delivered DVH. It takes QA from phantom to patient geometry using the patented algorithm Planned Dose Perturbation (PDP™).

  • The Radon Sentinel is a patented detection device to measure the concentration of radon gas. The unit is a continuous radon monitor designed for professional inspectors to use in homes and buildings.

  • The model 1029 continuous radon monitor is a patented electronic detection device for measuring radon gas. The model 1029 is even more impressive with environmental sensors checking temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity to further assist with closed building conditions.

  • The model 1028 continuous radon monitor is intelligently designed to be fully programmable by the user. It is a patented detection device to measure the concentration of radon gas. The unit is designed for professional inspectors to use in homes and buildings.

  • The Model 1027 continuous radon monitor is rugged, easy to use, and less expensive than its competitors. The Sun Nuclear Corporation, Model 1027 is classified as a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) testing device. It is a patented electronic device that uses a diffused-junction photodiode sensor to measure the concentration of radon gas.

  • The MapCHECK 2 is the world’s most selected independent 2D measurement array. MapCHECK set the standard for modern, efficient and stringent QA, and enabled a new era of attainable IMRT. With MapCHECK 2 simply connect the single cable which supplies both power and data, and measure in high resolution 2D. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

  • The 3D SCANNER is different by design. 3D SCANNER has been developed from the ground up to provide accurate, reproducible beam data in an era of modern treatment modalities and busy clinical staff.

  • Easy to use real-time patient-dose radiation monitoring with available wireless technology.

  • PC Electrometer is a dual channel reference class electrometer for absolute dose calibration.

  • SNC Machine listens for and captures your QA files, processes and analyzes the files, and saves the results to the database (1). (1) Automated MOSAIQ processing requires manual export of DICOM files from MOSAIQ to the SNC Machine DICOM listener.

  • DoseCHECK™ is the independent, secondary 3D dose calculation solution for today’s radiation oncology department. It has been designed to seamlessly fit your workflow and meet your clinical needs—with verification of the full patient dose volume.

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