Diagnostic CT QA 

  • The Gammex Dual Energy Characterization CT Phantom provides users with the ability to perform Quality Assurance for Dual Energy CT analysis of Iodine and Calcium. The Phantom consists of a Solid Water disk approximately the size of an average pelvis.

  • The Gammex CT Perfusion Phantom is designed to mimic a perfusion study where traceable material is monitored as it travels through brain tissue. Software that is proprietary to the CT scanner is then used to determine blood flow rate curves and to compare them to known normal. This provides a reference baseline.

  • "Bona Fide Phantom" (BFP), is a quality control tool for Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) instruments, which features an acrylic-embedded calcium hydroxyapatite (CHA) step-wedge. Advanced design features make it the best choice for assessing DEXA instrument stability. You can successfully use the BFP on all mainstream DEXA instruments.

  • Proven simulation technology enables the use of tissue equivalent, realistically-shaped phantoms for mammographic quality assurance.The CIRS Breast Phantoms contains targets that are engineered to test the threshold of the new generation of mammography machines. The phantoms include a removable 0.5 cm adipose tissue equivalent layer. 

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